Loren Fletcher MSc (2010) Loren Fletcher MSc (2010)

Loren Fletcher MSc (2010)

An inspiring woman, Loren has worked hard throughout her career and has gained a reputation for her standard of work, being able to work well under pressure and to tight deadlines in a predominantly male oriented environment. In order to study, Loren decided to cut down her workload to part-time in order to pursue a Master’s degree in Computing at the School of Computing, Informatics and Media. Going from strength to strength, Loren is glad she made the decision to up-skill. The MSc Computing was chosen because she wanted to study a programme that had real applications and would provide her the skills she needed to be able slot back into industry. 

“I came to the University of Bradford because it had the best curriculum and an excellent reputation for Computer Science.”

The skills that she learnt throughout her time in the MSc Computing, have allowed her to strengthen her skill set and have given her the competitive edge against other people in the industry.  In the Individual Project, Loren had the opportunity to create a database that was easy to navigate and designed to provide statistical information to managers who do not have the IT skills to use SQL.

“I used my project to push my learning, and to put together a practical application that was designed to be used by a company and by people who are not IT experts.  Dr Daniel Neagu supervised me and helped to suggest areas to look at.  This really helped me to think about the bigger picture and the ways that the project would be integrated into the company’s business model.”

“This course enabled me to bridge the gap between academic learning and industry, linking theoretical knowledge with actual business needs.”

Since completing the MSc Computing, Loren has been working as a Software Developer and Solutions Engineer for Ventura where she is developing internal and external web based systems. Project management and insight into business strategy has made Loren a great example of how the University of Bradford is Making Knowledge Work.