Rajesh Choorithody MBA (2009)

Rajesh Choorithody graduated with an MBA from the University of Bradford in December 2009. While studying and upon graduating Rajesh has made good use of the work experience opportunities that are on offer at the University.  This includes making significant contributions to developing the marketing strategy and approach at Patchett Homes.

Rajesh’s current project at Emerald should provide the company with new business processes which will safe guard the company for the future.

"I am very thankful to the University's Business Partnerships Centre. Through internships and the knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) of the University of Bradford, I have gained valuable work experience from different small and medium enterprise clients in West Yorkshire. Every opportunity provided through the internships and KTP have taken me a step closer to my dream of becoming a strategy consultant."

Rajesh Choorithody MBA (2009) Rajesh Choorithody MBA (2009)