Paul Thompson BSc Technology and Management (1995) Paul Thompson BSc Technology and Management (1995)

Paul Thompson BSc Technology and Management (1995)

Why did you apply to Bradford?

They offered the right mix of degree which combined both vocational and educational elements.

What was your first impression of the University and the city?

To be honest, the first impressions were not great!   But once you got to know the people, they got much better.

What did you enjoy the most about your time in Bradford?

It has to be the freedom that comes with leaving your home for the first time.  That plus the currys!

Who are you currently working for and what is your job title?

I’m a Partner in a company I set up with some colleagues.  It’s called Grange Partnership (UK) LLP

How has your career developed since leaving the University of Bradford?

I worked for two large multinational for about nine years, before joining a small company and eventually starting my own business.

What is the best thing about what you are doing now?

It allows me to spend time on projects such as the book I’ve just published.  This is the Guide to Supply Chain Management (2011) Scott et al – published by Springer.

What are your goals for the future?

To keep looking after my family and continue to grow Grange Partnership.

What advice would you give to current students wishing to get into your career?

Study hard, get as much work experience at the right level as possible and enjoy the time in Bradford!