Khaled Almudallal, BSc (Hons) Business and Management Studies (2009)

Khaled Apr profile

Why did you apply to Bradford?

I studied my GCSE’s and A-levels in Bradford aiming to continue my BSc at the School of Management as one of the world’s leading institutions.

What was your first impression of the University and the city?

The diversity of the city and the enthusiasm of its staff and students

What did you enjoy the most about your time in Bradford?

Being able to make friends and contacts which made my life easy and friendly

Who are you currently working for and what is your job title?

The University of Bradford Union of Students, I have been the Union Secretary and Treasurer since June 2009

How has your career developed since leaving the University of Bradford?

Being elected by the student population to run the Union was an excellent opportunity to pay back their support to me when I was in hardship during being trapped in my home country Palestine, Gaza Strip, and unable to continue my studies but with the support I received from students and University management I was able to be reunited with my friends and I was able to graduate successfully.

Taking part in the Union’s day to day activities I developed my management skills, communication skills and am able to advocate for the rights of students.

What is the best thing about what you are doing now?

To be appreciated and looked after by my fellow students and new personal contacts with the University.  Recently I have been appointed as the University Muslim faith advisor.