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University of Bradford.

Develop Me!

Managed by Learner Support Services

Welcome to the Develop Me! archive

The Develop Me! links and resources should help you to:

  • Feel more confident about being at University.
  • Meet and chat with other students at the University of Bradford.
  • Identify your levels of confidence in different skill areas.
  • Articulate what evidence you have for the skills you feel confident in.
  • Define an action plan to develop the skills you feel less confident in.
  • Access online and face-to-face development activities.
  • Review your progress.
Guidelines - You can use Develop Me! in any way you wish; however, we have provided some guidelines to help you get the most from it. Your views. Workshops.
Meet and chat, pre-entry activities SaPRA (Skills and Personal Reflective Activity) Online resources

Develop Me!

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