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University of Bradford.

Develop Me!

Managed by Learner Support Services

SaPRA online: Skills and Personal Reflective Activity

SaPRA flow chart.During your time at University, you will be expected to develop a Personal Development Plan (PDP). This isn't as boring as it sounds and will help you to identify how to get the most out of your studies. SaPRA is designed to assist you in this process and by using it in PebblePAD, our e-portfolio software, you can easily track your progress and control who sees this.

Step 1 - Initial skills audit

SaPRA gives you the opportunity to reflect on and rate your levels of confidence in different academic skill areas on a scale of 1 to 5. It is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers. It is designed to give you an idea of where you are right now in terms of how you feel about your different skills. Your tutor or a member of the Learner Development Unit will explain how to use SaPRA. The important thing is to be honest; an accurate picture of your confidence in the different areas will help you to focus your development activities on your weaker skills.

Step 2 - Action plan

After you have identified the areas for development, you need to think about how to do this. Will you use the online resources in Develop Me!, attend a workshop or do you prefer more personalised support from the Learner Development Unit or your personal tutor? What time commitment will you give to this? How will you prioritise your time? You can then use SaPRA to develop an action plan.

Step 3 - Development activities

You then need to put your plan into practice and develop your skills.As you do this, you can use PebblePAD to record what you did, how you felt, etc, or you might want to review your action plan from time to time.

Step 4 - Demonstrate your skills

When you are confident about your skills you will be able to demonstrate your confidence and provide evidence of your abilities. For example, one of your essays and the mark and feedback you received may provide evidence of your writing skills and your ability to search and select relevant information from reliable sources. Being able to show your personal tutor or prospective employers this type of evidence can be a real benefit. You can add all sorts of evidence into PebblePAD and then attach this to your SaPRA record.

Aim for the green light!

SaPRA uses a traffic light system to give you a visual indication of your progress. Initially all your skills are marked with a red light; however, as you create action plans they turn to amber and ultimately turn to green when you have provided evidence of your skills. So, go on, aim for the green light!

Develop Me!

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