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About us

peace garden landscape

Who we are

The Centre for Educational Development is based within the Academic Development Unit. The team comprises a rich mix of professionals specialising in curriculum and educational development, and technology enhanced learning. 

Where we are

You will find us in Chesham building, just off the Peace Garden.

What we do

Our primary activities centre on Making Knowledge Work 2016:

  • Aim 1 To provide all our students with a first-class learning experience and excellent employment prospects;
  • Aim 4 To invest in the welfare and support of our students and staff by optimising talent, increasing efficiency, developing potential and supporting well-being for all.

We lead curriculum development and the enhancement of learning and teaching through the implementation of the Learning & Teaching Enhancement Plan and the Curriculum Framework.

How we do it

We work with academic faculties, programme development teams, individual academic staff and learning support professionals to:

Contact us:

+44 (0)1274 23 32 86

Centre for Educational Development
B0.21 Chesham Building
University of Bradford
Richmond Road

How to find us

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