Artificial Intelligence Research Group

The AI Research (AIRe) Group, one of the largest in terms of academic staff and research students numbers in the University, conducts research funded by the BBSRC, EPSRC, TSB and EC, as well as industry sponsors. The members' research is focused on machine learning, information representation and integration, data mining, knowledge discovery with applications in data governance, health care, (privacy in) web databases and social networks, chemo- and bio-informatics, business intelligence, decision support systems, operations research and education.

These expertise areas are built on active interdisciplinary collaborations with research groups from University's schools, as well as with a range with UK and international research centres.

We will be pleased to receive expressions of interest from prospective research students and visiting researchers.


Current AI Group topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Machine learning
  • Information representation and integration
  • Data mining
  • Knowledge discovery with applications in data governance
  • Health care
  • (Privacy in) web databases and social networks 
  • Chemo-and bio-informatics
  • Business intelligence
  • Decision support systems 
  • Operations research and education

How to Apply

Full details of how to apply are available in the Faculty's section for research students.

Further information on Research Degrees is available on the University website.


Group Leader - Professor Daniel Neagu

School of Electrical engineering and Computer Science
University of Bradford
Bradford BD7 1DP

Tel: 1274 235704, overseas - 44 1274 235704