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Artificial Intelligence Research Group

The AI Research (AIRe) Group, one of the largest in terms of academic staff and research students numbers in the University, conducts research funded by the BBSRC, EPSRC, TSB and EC, as well as industry sponsors. The members' research is focused on machine learning, information representation and integration, data mining, knowledge discovery with applications in data governance, health care, (privacy in) web databases and social networks, chemo- and bio-informatics, business intelligence, decision support systems, operations research and education.

These expertise areas are built on active interdisciplinary collaborations with research groups from University's schools, as well as with a range with UK and international research centres.

We will be pleased to receive expressions of interest from prospective research students and visiting researchers.


Current AI Research (AIRe) Group topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Machine learning
  • Information representation and integration
  • Data governance
  • Data mining and Knowledge discovery

with applications in:

  • Health care
  • Chemo-and bio-informatics, predictive toxicology
  • Business intelligence
  • Automotive analytics
  • Smart and sustainable cities
  • Open data
  • (Privacy in) web databases and social networks
  • Decision support systems

How to Apply

Full details of how to apply are available in the Faculty's section for research students.

Further information on Research Degrees is available on the University website.


Group Leader - Professor Daniel Neagu

School of Electrical engineering and Computer Science
Faculty of Engineering and Informatics
University of Bradford
Bradford BD7 1DP

Tel: 1274 235704, overseas - 44 1274 235704


Journal Publications

Conference Publications

Published Papers


Book Chapters

Edited Books


Academic Staff

Research Students

  • Aamir-Ul Hassan
  • Najat Ali
  • Antesar Shabut
  • Daniel Hedges
  • Guo Chongye
  • Hatem Aziz
  • Haichao Wang
  • James Machell
  • Liu Wanting
  • Masood-Ul-Hassan Zaka
  • Mohammed Rashid Al-Mamari
  • Philip Cragg
  • Pritesh Mistry
  • Ranis Alzubaidi
  • Saleh Enbiya
  • Shehla Khalid
  • Stephen Ingham
  • Wasiq Khan
  • Yousef Janahi
  • Yuan Wu

Former Members

  • Dr John Baruch
  • Dr Anna Palczewska (currently at the University of Leeds)
  • Prof Uwe Aickelin (currently at the University of Nottingham)
  • Prof P Cowling (currently University of York)
  • Dr X Fu (currently School of Management, Xiamen University, China)
  • Prof G Guo (currently Normal Fujian University, China)
  • Prof A Hossain (currently University of Northumbria)
  • Prof P Jiang
  • Dr. Ed Powley (currently University of York)
  • Dr. Steve Remde (currently University of York)
  • Prof. Hongnian Yu (currently at Staffordshire University)

Former Members (graduates)

  • Iyad Sulieman - Thesis title:Integrating Data Mining and Social Network Techniques into the Development of a Web-based Adaptive Play-based Assessment tool for School Readiness
  • Mohamad Nagi - Thesis title: Integrating Network Analysis and Data Mining Techniques into Effective Framework for Web Mining and Recommendation
  • Shagufta Scanlon - Thesis Title: A Comparative Study of Data Transformations for Efficient XML and JSON Data Compression
  • Roderick James Baker - Thesis Title: Bayesian opponent modeling in adversarial game environments
  • Fadi Abel-Jaber - Thesis Title: Multi-class and multiple labels classification based on association rule mining techniques
  • Abdurraouf Ali M Elbibas - Thesis Title: The Use of Database Metadata to Build Adaptable Dynamic Database Interfaces for Web Applications
  • Munir Naveed - Thesis Title: The Use of Database Metadata to Build Adaptable Dynamic Database Interfaces for Web Applications
  • Paul Trundle - Thesis Title: Hybrid Intelligent Systems Applied to Predict Pesticide Toxicity: A Data Integration Approach
  • Jules Pagna Disso - Thesis Title: A Novel Intrusion Detection Detection System Architecture
  • Nadis Iftikhar Ratoo - Thesis Title: Internet Marketing - Measuring Web Site Efficiency
  • Faustin Kamuzora - Thesis Title: A Synthesis of Utilisation of Information and Communication Technologies in Tanzanian Tourism Systems
  • Aysh Alhroob - Thesis Title: Software test cases generation from system models and specifications
  • Stephen Remde - Thesis Title: Enhancing the performance of search heuristics
  • Yang Lan - Thesis Title: Computational approaches for Time Series Analysis and Prediction: Data-Driven Methods for Pseudo-Periodical Sequences
  • Khalid Al-Arfaj - Thesis Title:  Generator maintenance scheduling models in power systems
  • Khaled Abdullah Al-Mejalli - Thesis Title: An Intelligent Real-Time Decision Support System for Road Traffic Management
  • Chris Tallon - Thesis Title: A Dynamic Web Interface to a Remote Robot Evaluated with a Robotics Telescope
  • Ephram Kwaa-Aidoo - Thesis Title: Culturally Aligned Security in Banking
  • Krzysztof Powerlowicz - Thesis Title: Network Modelling of Yeast Cell Cycle - MPhil
  • Maher Ragheb Abur-Rous - Thesis Title: A supervised machine learning approach for e-banking phishing website detection
  • Sanat Kumar Bista  - Thesis Title: Computational Models of Trust for Cooperative Evolution
  • Mokhairi Makhtar - Thesis Title: Contributions to ensembles of models for predictive toxicology applications
  • Mohammed Azzeh - Thesis Title: Analogy-based software project effort estimation
  • Mohammed Rifaie - Thesis Title: Strategy and methodology for enterprise data warehouse development: integrating data mining and social networking techniques for identifying different communities within the data warehouse
  • Mona Alkhattabi - Thesis Title: Information quality assessment in e-learning systems
  • Mohammed Ahmed Mgheder - Thesis Title:  Database metadata requirements for automated web development
  • Dr. Amr Madkour - Thesis Title: Intelligent algorithms for real-time optimal missile guidance and control
  • Konstantin Chakhlevitch - Thesis title: A hyperheuristic methodology for real-world scheduling.
  • Allison Allain - MSc Computing by Research
  • Tyler Stroud - MSc Computing by Research
  • Jyoti Laxmi Mishra - MSc Informatics by Research
  • Pranob Tusher Kaysthagir  - MSc Informatics by Research
  • Binaya Paudel - MSc Informatics by Research
  • Mohammed Munshi Shahin Shah
  • Sophia Alim - Thesis Title: Vulnerability in Online Social Network Profiles
  • Yousef Talal Al-Qasrawi - Thesis Title: Natural scene classification, annotation and retrieval
  • Taher Ahmed Naser - Thesis Title:  A flexible approach for mapping between object-oriented databases and XML
  • Ruqayya Soli Haji Abdul-Rahman - Thesis Title: Multi agent system for web<br>database processing
  • Ashardi Abas - Thesis Title:    Non-Intrusive Drowsiness Detection System: Design, analysis and evaluation of Non-Intrusive Driver Drowsiness System using a Support Vector Machine and Fault Diagnosis System
  • Anqi Shen - Thesis Title:  A real time 3D surface measurement system<br>using projected line patterns
  • Atia Mahmod Albhbah - Thesis Title: Dynamic web forms development using RuleML
  • Bilal Sowan  - Thesis Title: Enhancing fuzzy associative rule mining approaches for improving prediction accuracy
  • Chartchai Doungsa-Ard - Thesis Title: Generation of software test data from the design specification using heuristic techniques
  • Jonathan Winkley - Thesis Title: Behaviour recognition and monitoring of the elderly using wearable wireless sensors
  • Madihah Bint Mohd Saudi - Thesis Title: A New Model for Worm Detection and Response
  • Margie Louws-Wiers - Thesis Title: Electronic multi-agency collaboration
  • Mokhairi Makhtar - Thesis Title: Contributions to ensembles of models for predictive toxicology applications
  • Nabila Kazmi  - Thesis Title: MSc Informatics by Research
  • Prisadang Skolpadungket - Thesis Title: Portfolio management using computational intelligence approaches
  • Rima Khorsheed - Thesis Title: A Cell Level Automated Approach for Quantifying Antibody Staining in Immunohistochemistry Images
  • Rita Erhovwo Ochuko - Thesis Title: E-banking risk assessment
  • Ruohui Yang - Thesis Title: An investigation of forecasting methods for a purchasing decision support system
  • Saleh Khalifa Algoul - Thesis Title: Optimal multi-drug chemotherapy control scheme for cancer treatment
  • Walid Adly Atteya Abdo - Thesis Title: Enhancing association rules algorithms for mining distributed databases
  • Yasmina Bashon  - Thesis Title: Contributions to fuzzy object comparison and applications
  • Yousef Elsheikh - Thesis Title: A model for the adoption and implementation of web-based government services and applications
  • Mohamad Al-Shammari - Thesis Title: Integrated data analytics of germline mutation classes in human cancers
  • May Yaqoob Al-Nashashibi - Thesis Title: Arabic language processing for text classification

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