Vice-Chancellor honours Science Bridges China programme

Congratulations to our many academics within the Bradford Science Bridges China who have been awarded

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Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (including Automotive Engineering) combines the skills needed to conceive, design and produce the moving parts, components and machinery used in every aspect of everyday life. Modern Mechanical Engineers use sophisticated computer-aided design and engineering skills to ensure their products are reliable, efficient and economic.


Civil and Structural Engineering

Civil Engineering is the conception, design, construction and maintenance of the built environment; this includes all our major buildings, transportation systems, water supply and wastewater disposal systems, and all the infrastructure associated with power generation and distribution.


Chemical and Process Engineering

Chemical Engineering is concerned with large-scale chemical and biochemical processes in which materials undergo change. This can mean everything from a small batch production of a drug to fight cancer, to large-scale equipment needed to make commodity chemicals and polymers. Our courses will equip you for a career in the chemical or process industries. We will provide the necessary background to enable you to design processes and equipment, understand the reactions taking place and install computer control systems.


Medical and Healthcare Technology

Technological innovation in the field of Medicine and Healthcare is accelerating at an enormous pace. The modern hospital is now the centre of a technologically sophisticated healthcare system, and this requires equally technologically sophisticated staff. Engineering professionals have become intimately involved in many aspects of medicine.