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Dr Jaan Hui Pu

Dr Jaan Hui Pu


Dr Jaan Hui Pu received both his BEng (1st Class Honours) and PhD degrees from the University of Bradford, United Kingdom in 2003 and 2008, respectively. Since 2008, he has been appointed with various research and faculty positions from French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Spatial Planning, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR); Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan; and University of Southampton Malaysia Campus. He is now a lecturer at the University of Bradford, UK. His research interests include computational fluid dynamics (CFD) shallow water numerical modelling, multiphase flow study, flow with sediment transport study and fluid-structure interaction study. He is currently a member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, USA (ASME), and an associate member of Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK (IMechE). He has also been invited and involved as the editorial board member or reviewer in some internationally well-reputed journals.

Previous Teaching Experience:

Hydraulic Systems
Water Quality Engineering
Modelling and Software Development
Introduction to Engineering
Engineering Mathematics (Stage II)
Fluid Mechanics (Stage II)
Thermodynamics (Stage I)
Final Year Project Modules

Current Teaching Responsibilities:

ENG2039M Open Channel Hydraulics (Sole Coordinator and Module Leader)
ENG4084M Environmental Computational Fluid Dynamics (Sole Coordinator and Module Leader)
ENG1032M Fluid Mechanics 1 (Co-Lecturer)
ENG1302L Skills for Engineers (Co-Lecturer)

Full-Time Employment History:

2014-present Lecturer (University of Bradford, UK)

2013-2014 Lecturer (University of Southampton, Malaysia)

2011-2013 Assistant Professor (Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan)

2010-2011 Research Fellow (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

2009-2010 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (The French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks, IFSTTAR, France)

2008 Flooding Modelling Engineer (Grontmij Ltd., UK)

Detailed Research Interests:

Numerical schemes for shallow water equations
Experimental methods for non-uniform, unsteady and turbulent flows
Engineering software: Delft3D, Matlab
Flow measuring techniques: ADV, PIV
Sediment transport and multi-phase flow studies
Flow-structure interaction modelling
Turbulent bursting studies
Flow turbulence structures analysis


Current, and significant recent, funded projects

Grants and Consultancy Projects Involved:

2015 British Council's Newton Fund, Travel Grant: GBP2,600

2012-2013 NU Seed Grant (Nazarbayev Research Council, Kazakhstan), Grant No.: KF-12/6, Grant Amount: KZT 4,428,900 (Equiv. to USD 30,000), Responsibility: Principle Investigator

2010-2011 Hydrodynamic Numerical Modeling Study on Kandy Lake Project (LIEN AID Foundation, Singapore), Responsibility: Co-Investigator (on hydrodynamics and water quality issues)

2010-2011 Hydrodynamic Considerations of Large Underwater Structures Project (National Research Foundation, Singapore), Responsibility: Co-Investigator (on hydrodynamics and sediment issues)


Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Associate Member of Institution of Mechanical Engineers


Reviewer and Editorial Board Activities:

Bentham Science Publishers E-Book (Invited Reviewer)
Ninth Int. Conf. on CFD in Minerals and Process Industries, Australia (Invited Reviewer)
Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers - Water Management (Article Reviewer)
Coastal Engineering Journal (Article Reviewer)
Journal of Applied Mathematics (Article Reviewer)
The Scientific World Journal (Article Reviewer)
Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics (Article Reviewer)
Advances in Water Resources (Article Reviewer)
Natural Hazards (Article Reviewer)
International Journal of Sediment Research (Article Reviewer)
Journal of Hydrodynamics, Ser. B (Article Reviewer)
ARPN Journal of Science and Technology (Editorial Board Member)

Visiting Position:

Visiting Scientist, Tsinghua University, China, 2014


Current PhD Candidate:
Awesar Hussain (First and Principal Supervisor)
Adam Almabruk (Second Supervisor)


Book Chapter:

1. Pu J. H., Hussain K., Tait S., 2007, Chapter 65: Modelling of Laboratory Created Highly Concentrated Sediment Transport Flow. Dohmen-Janssen & Hulscher (eds.), River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics: RCEM 2007, Enschede, The Netherlands, pp. 507-510.

RECENT Journal Articles:

1. Pu J. H., Huang Y., Shao S., Hussain K., 2015, Three-Gorges Dam Fine Sediment Pollutant Transport: Turbulence SPH Model Simulation of Multi-Fluid Flows, Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics, Accepted for publication.
2. Pu J. H., 2015, Turbulence Modelling of Shallow Water Flows using Kolmogorov Approach, Computers and Fluids, 115, pp. 66-74.
3. Pu J. H., Hussain K., Shao S., Huang Y., 2014, Shallow Sediment Transport Flow Computation Using Time-Varying Sediment Adaptation Length, International Journal of Sediment Research, 29(2), pp. 171-183.
4. Pu J. H., Shao S., Huang Y., 2014, Numerical and Experimental Turbulence Studies on Shallow Open Channel Flows, Journal of Hydro-environment Research, 8, pp. 9-19.
5. Pu J. H., Lim S. Y., 2014, Efficient Numerical Computation and Experimental Study of Temporally Long Equilibrium Scour Development around Abutment, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 14, pp. 69-86.
6. Pu J. H., Shao S., Huang Y., Hussain K., 2013, Evaluations of SWEs and SPH Numerical Modelling Techniques for Dam Break Flows, Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics, 7(4), pp. 544-563.
7. Pu J. H., 2013, Universal Velocity Distribution for Smooth and Rough Open Channel Flows, Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics, 6(3), pp. 413-423.
8. Lassabatere L., Pu J. H., Bonakdari H., Joannis C., Larrarte F., 2013, 'Analytical Model for Streamwise Velocity Profile in Open Channels', Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 139(1), pp. 37-43.
9. Pu J. H., Bakenov Z., Adair D., 2012, Assessment of a Shallow Water Model using a Linear Turbulence Model for Obstruction-Induced Discontinuous Flows, Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal, 14(2), pp. 155-167.
10. Pu J. H., Cheng N.-S., Tan S. K., Shao S., 2012, Source Term Treatment of SWEs using Surface Gradient Upwind Method, Journal of Hydraulic Research, 50(2), pp. 145-153.
11. Pu J. H., Bakenov Z., Adair D., 2012, Advanced Numerical Solver for Dam-Break Flow Application, Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal, 14(1), pp. 73-82.
12. Pu J. H., Shao S., 2012, Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Simulation of Wave Overtopping Characteristics for Different Coastal Structures, The Scientific World Journal, 2012, pp. 1-10, DOI: 10.1100/2012/163613.
13. Pu J. H., Cheng N.-S., Tan S. K., Shao S., 2012, Reply of the Authors - Source Term Treatment of SWEs using Surface Gradient Upwind Method, Journal of Hydraulic Research, 50(4), pp. 448-449.

SELECTED Conference/Workshop Publications:

1. Pu J. H., Shao S., 2013, Non-Uniform Open Channel Flows Study using Three-Dimensional Turbulence Measurements, 35th International IAHR World Congress, Chengdu, China, vol. 4, Article A10326, pp. 1-10.
2. Pu J. H., Jinadasa K. B. S. N., Ng W. J., Weragoda S. K., Devendra C., Tan S. K., 2011, Numerical Modelling of Kandy Lake, Sri Lanka in Preparation for Water Quality Improvement, 6th International Conference on Asian and Pacific Coasts (APAC2011), Hong Kong, pp. 2050-2056, DOI: 10.1142/9789814366489_0246.
3. Pu J. H., Hussain K., Tait S., 2008, Experimental and Numerical Simulation of Sediment Flushing within Storage Tunnels, 8th International IAHR Conference on Hydro-Science and Engineering, Nagoya, Japan, vol. VIII, pp. 309-316.
4. Pu J. H., Hussain K., Tait S., 2007, Simulation of Turbulent Free Surface Obstructed Flow within Channels, 32nd International IAHR World Congress - Harmonizing the Demands of Art and Nature in Hydraulics, Venice, Italy, Theme A1, pp. 1-8.
5. Pu J. H., Hussain K., Wood A. S., 2005, Modelling of Water Flow and Sediment Transport in Circular Channels with Constant and Variable Roughness, International Conference on Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Guwahati, India, pp. 229-235.

Profile last updated on: 06-08-2015