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Community Interpreting

A prime example of collaborative working

A practice based module has been developed by School of Lifelong Education and Development, University of Bradford to assist those with a second language to become qualified Community Interpreters to meet the growing demand of local employers, agencies and a wider group of people within Bradford and the District.  

Delivered by Bradford College and coordinated, promoted and accredited by the Community Partnerships team at the University of Bradford, this work-based course is now of great demand within Bradford and across the Yorkshire and the Humber. Upon successful completion of this course, students have improved interpreting skills and competencies ultimately preparing them to undertake interpreting contracts with public organisations.  The Community Partnerships team at the University has been working closely with the Primary Care Interpreting Service at NHS Bradford & Airedale to develop employer links to recruit new students for the course and help successful students who have passed the course to secure interpreting opportunities.  

In addition to the NHS, more employer markets have been identified, e.g. legal practices, voluntary sector organisations, Schools, local authorities and local businesses, as they are likely to either develop their workforce who undertake interpreting practices without any formal recognition or require qualified interpreters.  It is anticipated that the design and delivery of this course will be expanded with a view to developing a broader Certificate in Community Interpreting by 2011 which will be rolled out across Yorkshire and Humber.  

Eleanor Clyde-Evans, the University's Community Partnerships Co-ordinator, said "The community employer partnership formed with Bradford College and the NHS is a prime example of how collaborative working can lead to exciting opportunities that meet the needs of our local communities and our local public sector partners."