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A Guide to Booking Rooms

The purpose of this guide is to help you understand how the University's room booking system works. If you think it does not help or you have any suggestions to make, please put your comments, in writing, to the Timetabling Clerk and these will be dealt with.

The University has a pool of over seventy rooms. The majority of these are primarily for teaching and are referred to as the General Teaching Area (GTA). Other rooms such as the Board Room, Sanderson Room, D1 Conference room, D-floor foyer and Chesham B0.29 Mezzanine are available for formal meetings and there are further rooms available for other purposes. This range of centrally bookable rooms are located in the Richmond, Chesham, Horton, Phoenix and Student Central buildings.

How to book rooms

Work out your requirements and decide whether your booking is an Event or a Meeting by reading this event definition.

If it is an Event, complete the Event Application Form. Your preferred venue will be booked for you, if available, but your booking will be provisional until the event is authorised.

If your requirement is for a meeting you do not need to complete the Event form; instead you should let the Timetabling Clerk have the following information:

  • Date of the event
  • Time: give the time you will need the room from if special facilities are needed (see below)
  • Number of people to be accommodated
  • The purpose for which the room is required, i.e. for a meeting, a class, seminar, tutorial, a lunch or a party
  • Preferred building location
  • Your contact details

You can get this information to the Timetabling Clerk either by telephoning 01274 234848 and speaking to the clerk in person, by writing to the The Hub, Richmond Building or emailing: If your request is a quick one it is probably better to telephone but if it is complicated it might be more productive to send the details first and ask the Timetabling Clerk to contact you to discuss your needs.

When you have secured a room for the date(s) required, you will be sent a confirmation of the booking.

Useful links:

The Annual GTA Room Allocation System

The bulk of the room bookings for teaching purposes are dealt with one year in advance. Just after the start of the second semester of each year a letter is sent to departments requesting information on the room allocations that will be required for the coming academic session. Rooms are allocated to departmental requests during the summer vacation and are sent back to the departments at the beginning of September. This process copes with the majority of timetable needs. Additional requirements to timetables can be booked in the method described above. Changes to timetables and to additional rooms booked can be made as detailed below.

How to Change or Cancel a Booking

Just as there is no charge to make a booking on behalf of University Business there is no charge to cancel the booking. It is in the best interest of the system to cancel those bookings which are no longer required. All you need to do is contact the Timetabling Clerk by telephone, or by email, and advise them of the dates and the rooms which are no longer needed.

The procedure is equally as simple to change a booking. Let the Timetabling Clerk know what your new requirements are in terms of the date, room size, location and purpose for which the room is needed but also let them know which room booking it is you wish to change. If a new room is available, you will receive a confirmation slip, which will indicate which room this replaces. 

Special requirements

Some special facilities can be provided in some of the bookable rooms. Details of how to book these follow:

  • For Catering ring extension 01274 234901
  • For Audio Visual Services ring 01274 233158
  • To have a room layout rearranged or additional furniture in a room, contact Ancillary Services on 01274 234808.

In all cases where special requirements are needed it is helpful if accurate information could be given as far in advance of the event as possible. If the details are complex and the needs are likely to change and the whole thing begins to look like a real burden you might wish to ring the Conference Officers on extension 4881 or 4888 and let them deal with all the arrangements. If you are arranging a short course you should contact Short Course Unit within the Continuing Education Department on extension 3216 or 3217.

Booking for private use

The University's bookable rooms can be booked for private purposes, in this case you must let the Timetabling Clerk know and they will advise you of the charges for the event. If it is intended to show a film or to have an outside speaker or speakers at the event you must notify theTimetabling Clerk at least three weeks in advance in order to comply with the Freedom of Speech Act. There usually is no problem in accommodating this type of event but the University must be informed as to who is coming onto their premises to speak or what type of films are being shown.

If you do wish to book the University's facilities for private purposes, payment must be received before the event will be confirmed. If you are likely to need additional facilities you must arrange for these as detailed above. You will be required to sign a Terms and Conditions of use form and you will be the person responsible for safeguarding the University's property.

Problems with rooms

There is a system for reporting problems with rooms and faults with the equipment and facilities within rooms. Room Fault forms are available in each GTA room, from departmental general offices and on request from Central Timetabling Office. Simply complete the form and return it to Central Timetabling Office. It will be sent to the department responsible and you will receive notification as to who is dealing with the problem, alternatively you can call the Central Timetabling Office and notify the Timetabling Clerk.

Central Timetabling Office

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