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Chemical and Forensic Sciences

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Chemical and Forensic Sciences is self-contained for both chemical and forensic investigation and teaching with well-equipped research and undergraduate laboratories, lecture rooms, and staff offices.

Other academic areas with whom there is extensive collaboration both in research and teaching include Archaeological Sciences, Medical Sciences, the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics and Pharmacy.

The views of our students are important to us and taken very seriously. We pride ourselves in giving our students a stimulating, challenging and rewarding experience in their studies, whether they are undergraduates or conducting postgraduate research. Our students speak highly of their time at Bradford.

Our History

Chemistry research and teaching has been pursued at what is now the main university campus for more than 100 years, first at Bradford Technical College then, from 1957, at the Institute of Technology and, from 1966 when the university received its Royal Charter, to the present day. The study of Forensic Science has a somewhat shorter history, beginning in the early 1990s.

Our teaching is built on this strong tradition of research in the chemical and forensic sciences especially in the synthetic and analytical branches of these disciplines and our undergraduate courses have acquired a strong reputation with schools and colleges, with students and with employers in the UK. We have been innovators in introducing new undergraduate courses combining the study of the chemical sciences with forensic sciences and we enjoy strong collaborative links with external agencies and industry.