Bradford University School of Management's research wins national award

28 June 2012

A mother and daughter academic team from Bradford University School of Management are the first winners of a new Chartered Management Institute (CMI) competition to find the most useful research to practising managers.

Professor Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe and Juliette Alban-Metcalfe won ‘Management Article of the Year’ for their article ‘The need to get more for less: a new model of engaging transformational leadership and evidence of its effect on team productivity, staff morale and wellbeing at work’.

CMI launched the initiative with the aims of ensuring business school research meets business needs and directing time-poor managers to the research that will help them most.  They invited academics to submit research for professional managers to review.

The winning article achieved the highest average rating from CMI members. The article explores the importance of employee engagement, and what forms of leadership produce high levels of engagement, as well as proposing a model of ‘engaging, transformational leadership’, based on research amongst over 4,500 public and private sector (FTSE100) staff.

It finds that leadership is most engaging when it consists of genuine partnership, united around a shared vision, and creates an environment where empowerment, appreciation, curiosity, experimentation, questioning the status quo and learning are highly valued – and where these values are not just confined to leadership roles.

Ann Francke, chief executive of CMI, said: “This important initiative helps bridge the gap between theory and practice by allowing today’s managers to rate which academic articles they find most useful. This not only helps raise management standards by sharing the latest in research and best practice with leaders, but also encourages academics to focus their efforts on news that makes a difference in the management world- a win for both parties. It is our hope that we will build a bank of relevant articles that represent the best of both worlds.”

Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe, co-author of the winning article said: “The creation of this award by CMI, at a time of un-paralleled challenge to UK organisations, will hopefully encourage academics to translate their academic research findings into a form that makes practical sense to busy managers and professionals, and by doing so, inspire, enrich, and multiply the benefits to all involved.”

The top five articles are available to download at  CMI is currently inviting researchers to submit articles for the 2012 CMI Management Articles of the Year.


Further information:


Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe


Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe Beverly is Professor of Leadership at Bradford University School of Management and Emeritus Professor at Leeds University. She has an international reputation in the field of leadership studies.

Beverly has spent over 25 years in research and consultancy supporting the leadership development of individuals, and increasing leadership capacity in organisations. As Chief Executive of Real World Group she helps transform organisational culture through working with Boards, senior and top managers in workshops and through the application of proven diagnostic instruments from individuals to whole organisations.

Beverly is a Chartered Organisational Psychologist and Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Her passion is for the ethical application of ‘inclusive’ leadership at all levels in organisations, and supporting individuals and organisations to become more engaging, innovative, collaborative and effective. She has a strong reputation for research and practice related to diversity and leadership.

Beverly spends much of her time presenting at conferences and seminars across the world. She is an advisor to several national boards, including the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills MacLeod Review of Employee Engagement, the Department of Health’s QIPP, and the Chartered Management Institute’s Academic Advisory Council.

Juliette Alimo-Metcalfe


Juliette Alimo-Metcalfe Juliette is an Organisational Psychologist and Managing Director of Real World Group. She has worked in the area of developing leaders for the past 10 years, with both individuals and groups up to Board level in organisations. Her particular specialism is enabling leaders to increase the effectiveness of their teams and the wider organisation through leveraging employee engagement.

As a psychologist, Juliette has been involved in establishing Real World Group’s approach to leadership, based on uniquely proven research involving tens of thousands of people across the world. This research has established the common sense but often missing behaviours that distinguish leaders from managers. They are factors that drive productivity in a sustainable way, even when resources are diminishing.

As a result of her research and experience in working with organisations, Juliette has been invited to speak at international and national conferences, and consults with organisations from the UK and internationally. She is also the author of various articles and book chapters on leadership and career development.

She has an MSc in Organizational Psychology from the University of London, Birkbeck College, and an MSc in Positive Organization Development and Change from Case Western Reserve University, Ohio.