MIPPS Research Outputs

MIPPS is producing, some very interesting results.  We continue to publish and this page will be updated as often as necessary.


We have a Social Networking Site via Ning to engage, encourage and share information, ideas and good practice  to enable disabled people to enter Healthcare professions. 

We welcome new members to mippsuk.ning.com.


Disabled People, Effective Practitioners: Enabling a Health Care Workforce that Better Reflects Society
Dearnley C.A. Elliott, J., Hargreaves J., Morris S., Walker L, Walker S., Arnold C.
The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 8.

Final Report 2010

Managing Impairment in Professional Practice.
Disability and Fitness to Practise: A multi site investigation into the application of the Equality Act (2010) to health care students in practice settings within the NHS.


Case Study 1  Sophie - a healthcare practitioner with Dyslexia

Case Study 2  Joanne  - a healthcare practitioner with a Visual impairment

Case Study 3  Amanda - a healthcare practitioner with a Hearing impairment