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Film, TV, Animation and Visual Effects Taster Day

Film, TV, Animation and Visual Effects Taster Day

Date and Time:
Wed 22 Mar 2017, 13:00 - 16:15

You may attend either one of the two Film, TV, Animation and Visual Effects taster day sessions. 

Registration for all of these taster sessions will be at 12:40. Each session begins at 13:00.

The sessions are:

Digital Compositing for Film, CGI and VFX

Duration: 2 hours

Let us place you in the role of a Digital Compositor for a major Visual Effects company. You will be tasked with taking all the elements that build up a shot (filmed footage, CGI, VFX) and seemingly blend all to create a professional and mind blowing sequence.

The experience will introduce you to the vast landscape of the VFX world whilst giving you a glimpse into many of the amazing roles in industry, from green screen acquisition and post process to destruction pipelines, computational fluid dynamics and colour science.

Single Camera versus Multi Camera Techniques

Duration: 3 hours 15 minutes

The most commonly used sequence in a fictional moving image product is conversation between two or more people. How this is tackled greatly depends on the nature of the product and how quick the turn-around is.

In a feature film, you may have a day or more to capture Thor in deep discussion with Loki about the future of Asgard but for Eastenders, when Phil Mitchell is accusing Ian Beale of spilling his pint, there isn’t the luxury of time. With soaps, you need to produce several episodes each week so a quick and efficient approach is needed.

Using Bradford University’s 4K cinema cameras, non-linear edit suites and Multi-Camera Studio we will explore the process behind both approaches in practical workshops creating two ‘near-identical’ short films, completely from scratch.

If you're booking your own place, choose the subjects you're interested in by clicking the link below and you'll be able to select the sessions you want to attend on the next step.

We welcome bookings from school and college groups - use the link below to book the sessions you're interested in.

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