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Peacebuilding through the lens of the Soul of Europe's work in the Balkans

Location: Pemberton Building, P2.11

Date and Time:
Wed 22 Mar 2017, 14:00 - 15:30

Presenter:  The Revd Donald Reeves, MBE

Abstract: The lecture will consider peacebuilding through the lens of the Soul of Europe's work in the Balkans - considering the ethics of intervention, dealing with the colonial aspect of large international organisations, and problems of funding. He will describe the Soul of Europe's attempts at responding to an invitation by the owners of the Omarska mine - used as a killing camp during the Bosnian war to create a Memorial for those murdered there and in the neighbourhood -some 3,000 people, all Muslim.
He will describe how the Soul of Europe, a Christian organisation, successfully instigated the rebuilding of a World Heritage Mosque in Banja Luka, the Ferhadija - one of 16 destroyed. The rebuilt Mosque was inaugurated in 2017.

Bio: Donald Reeves is the founder and honorary Director of the Soul of Europe. He founded this NGO in 2000 and it has been working in Bosnia and Kosovo. The words of Nelson Mandela have been inspirational : 'If you want to make peace do not speak to your friends but speak to your enemies so they become your partners'. From 198O to 1998, he was the Rector of St James Piccadilly in London. Margaret Thatcher described him as a ‘Very Dangerous Man'.

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