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Rotary Peace Seminar

The 2016 Bill Huntley Memorial Peace Seminar was held on Saturday October 29th 2016 and Class XIV of the Rotary World Peace Fellows presented their programme, the theme was “Peace Through Action”.

Class XIV spoke about their time at Bradford, their studies, their Applied Field Experience they had undertaken over the summer and what their plans for the future are.

Keynote speakers who spoke about the importance of peace work included:

  • Dr Sellah Kong’oro – Head of Research, Policy & Planning at the National Cohesion and Integration Commission of Kenya
  • Francesca Del Mese – A barrister working for the UN, UK govt. and several NGO’s
  • Scott Hinkle – Team Leader at the Violent Extremism Research unit in East Africa
  • Mara Duler – A PhD Candidate in Political Geography researching land conflicts