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  • UK faces huge increase in numbers of sexually transmitted infections - see here

Sites for current information

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Information from study days and conferences 

held over the past 3 years

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International Focus

  • AIDSLINK - South Africa - Site dedicated to raising the awareness of HIV in South Africa
  • AIDS in Europe - Excellent site with detailed information - emphasises European AIDS divide
  • Personal Report: Aspects of HIV in Europe
  • HIV Insite - HIV in India - Information on HIV in India - informative and of great concern
  • HIV.NET is a page that contains information on the European HIV/AIDS situation, as well as an impressive list of internet resources (plus on-line journals)
  • Kidzpositive - a site dedicated to HIV positive children in South Africa

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Themed links

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Personal Pages - PWA 

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Statistics and Daily Summaries

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Personal links

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Useful texts

  • Relevant Texts that are worth examining - recently published, or especially interesting

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Magazine style sites

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