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Joe Kriss (Word Life Project Manager)

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Joe Kriss Q & A

Hi there, I'm a poet, editor, promoter and workshop facilitator based in Sheffield. I've been performing my own work for about 4 years now, running events for 3, and co-editing a magazine called 'Now Then' distributed in Sheffield and Manchester for a year and a half. From all of the projects I work on, including workshops, I believe in words and their power to move people.

I can remember going to my first poetry reading in my late teens, sceptical and bored by some of what I saw and then being completely drawn into a performance for the first time and realising the potential impact poetry could have in a live setting. I'd been to too many music concerts and plays to think poets awkwardly spitting words out of a dusty beard to puddles at their feet the best forum for their work. It does not matter if you call it slam, performance poetry or spoken word, the point is still the poetry.

I think what differentiates it from more academic poetry is a sense of urgency and the poem ringing true, the deeper exploration of the relationship between audience and performer. Often the best part of my job is creating situations and atmospheres where poetry is showcased effectively. I've had transformative experiences through art and watching people perform their own work.

I hope that through producing events, publications and workshops I can make it possible for other people to have similar positive experiences.


How to find us

Theatre in the Mill, Off Shearbridge Road, Bradford

Post code for Sat Navs: BD7 1NX

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