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Maths Resources

We have produced maths resources in the areas that students seem to want more guidance or practice with.  Click on the buttons to have a look at the resources available.

If you need to view any of our resources in a more accessible format, or need more in-depth help, please get in touch.

Includes examples and questions for students looking to refresh their
knowledge in a particular area of maths


Concise summaries/reminders of key points you'll need to
know for the maths on your course



An online course created by us. This self-guided course covers most of the
maths topics you will need to be familiar with when starting Engineering, Economics, and Science courses.


Engineering maths - links to maths centre which has useful teach-yourself booklets together with teaching videos on a wide range of maths topics - it has been found to be particularly useful for engineering. There are also many other resources available on the web and we have highlighted some of the most popular ones here: 

GCSE level - links to the BBC GCSE maths revision pages, they may be aimed at younger audiences but they have a wealth of useful activities and help.

All of our resources are licensed under a Creative Commons attribution 3.0 license

Creative Commons Licence