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Proof-reading and checking

For students on taught courses, at undergraduate or postgraduate level, the level of personal responsibility that you are required to take for your own work may be greater than you have experienced previously.

The University does not offer a proof-reading or checking service and so is unable to make corrections to your work or carry out editing on your behalf. However, you may be interested in our online resources which include tips and advice on how to draft, edit and proof-read your own work.

Why can't we check your grammar and spelling or make editorial suggestions for?

  • Assessed work must reflect your own achievements and efforts.
  • Proof-reading is a quick fix which does not lead to the sustainable development of your graduate skills set.
  • Proofing and editing assignments for our students would damage academic integrity.
  • Employers choose Bradford graduates as they can successfully work independently, with a sound skill set and without needing their work checking.

University life is about developing this independence and we encourage this by offering advice and skills tuition. Our advisers are here to help you learn the reading and writing skills you need to be able to improve your own work but will not correct, check, or edit your assignments.

Other support

  • Professional proof-reading and individual assignment writing support for students who have been identified as having additional learning needs can be accessed via the Disability Service.