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Information for Personal Tutors and Subject Lecturers

Please note: We do not offer an assignment checking service.

How we can help with writing skills

We are able to advise, guide and teach students how to be better writers, tailoring our support to address any skills development needs.

While it can be useful for students to bring a writing sample for us to use as the basis for drafting skills advice we do not offer a proof-reading service and are unable to offer developmental advice using completed pre-submission drafts.

Where possible we use assignments which have already been assessed and received marker feedback as this allows us to provide more in depth writing skills advice.

Referring your students for skills support

We offer advice and guidance on a wide range of academic skills (including maths skills) for success in taught courses.

If you wish to refer a student for guidance on their academic writing skills please note that our advice is not specific to any single assignment as it relates to academic writing as a skills set, leading to transferable improvements across academic writing skills as a whole. 

If you feel a student needs help with basic grammar, spelling or punctuation you should refer them to the Language Centre

Find out more about why we are unable to proof-read, check, or edit students individual assignments.