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Transition, Progression and Retention

Our longstanding support for the Trans:it Summer School, built on the success of the Refreshers’ programme is followed, each year, by our stall at Freshers Fayre and our Induction Video which is promoted for use, by programme teams, during Induction Week.

Our workshop programme is designed vertically, addressing needs from first year undergraduate to post graduate, and horizontally, tailored to address key milestones during the year. It is augmented by targeted weeks during the year which focus on specific themes (e.g. the writing week) and represents a coordinated effort across the support services.

Mathematics and study skills support and advice is available most weeks of the year and is also focused more at times where there is particular demand. Similarly the Research and Scholarship skills for PGR students is an ongoing provision that responds to the differing needs of full-time and part-time research students.

Our work directly with programme teams is another factor of our support for key transition stages in the student life cycle. Helping with introduction to study skills in year one, through to critical thinking and research skills in final year UG and beyond, including working with distance learners.

During the summer, we maintain a service for any students who are who are still engaged in active programmes, for example the Faculty of Health and all masters’ students. In addition, we are available to advise and support students who are undertaking supplementary assessment.

After graduation, alumni can access our support for a semester, mirroring their access to the library. Typically this entails support for mathematics, such as numerical reasoning tests and the pharmacy registration assessment.

Satisfaction levels with the service are consistently over 90% in all areas and students evaluate our support as being significant for helping them improve their confidence and improve their grades. 80% of students who considered leaving the University (n=54) cited their engagement with Academic Skills Advice as influencing their decision to remain.