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Drafting, editing and proof-reading


Better proofreading (pdf, 534KB) (docx, 78KB)

Proofreading useful tips (pdf, 117KB) (docx, 45KB)

Editing for reduction of word count (pdf, 181KB) (docx, 68KB)

Editing checklist example (pdf, 108KB) (docx, 36KB)

Ideas for creating an editing checklist (pdf, 214KB) (docx, 36KB)

Reviewing and revising your dissertation (pdf, 160KB) (docx, 40KB)


10 takeaway tips:

Drafting and editing skills (pdf, 203KB) (docx, 42KB)



Better proofreading - spot the mistake (pdf, 263KB) (docx, 73KB)

Editing skills managing the word count (pdf, 286KB) (docx, 61KB)

Editing an essay to make improvements (pdf, 286KB) (docx, 40KB)

Create your own editing checklist (pdf, 83KB) (docx, 35KB)


Useful links:

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