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Use of RPL for academic credit towards a programme including advanced standing

Recognition of prior learning for advanced standing and/or specific credit is an assessment issue and the UK Quality Code Chapter B6: Assessment of students and recognition of prior learning (external website) applies.

The Expectation in Chapter B6 of the Quality Code is that:

Higher education providers operate equitable, valid and reliable processes of assessment, including for the recognition of prior learning, which enable every student to demonstrate the extent to which they have achieved the intended learning outcomes for the credit or qualification being sought

This applies in every aspect equally to RPL, as it does to other forms of assessment.

In order to assist staff, students, external examiners, and other stakeholders, understand the policies and procedures for RPL at the University of Bradford, and how the above Expectation is met, the University has produced a separate Guide to the Recognition of Prior Learning, which is updated annually.

The Guide provides information about standardised practice which ensures consistency and appropriate externality, and specifically information on procedures, and signposts to relevant ordinances, regulations, and polices.

The Guide should be read in conjunction with the University Ordinances and Regulations and Chapter B6 of the UK Quality Code.