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The Assessment Process, Approval of Assessments and the Role of External Examiners

The University Guide to External Examining for Taught Programmes, outlines the assessment process and, in particular, the role of External Examiners.

An important element of the external examiner’s role is to provide assurance that the assessment processes are properly designed, applied and conducted in a manner that is fair and equitable to all students.

Ongoing dialogue between the module/programme team and the external examiner on all forms of proposed assessments must be established to allow the external examiners to inform and enhance the assessment process.

All proposed draft assessments, along with assessment criteria, must be reviewed by the external examiner. Schools must send external examiners all proposed assessment tasks, including supplementary tasks where possible, for review before they are released to students. Examination papers should be sent for comment by week 6 of the semester in which they are to be used. External examiners are expected to provide feedback on assessment tasks at their earliest convenience and by no later than week 9 of a semester for examination papers. Many external examiners find indicative answers (where these are used) and marking schemes helpful in the review process