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Awards of the University and Academic Credit

The University Ordinances and Regulations set out the awards that the University is able to confer and the Regulations relating to them. The University may only make the awards set out in the Ordinances. The Regulations provide further details of the requirements relating to awards and credit. 

Certificate of Continuing Education

A Certificate of Continuing Education may be awarded for short programmes of study at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, where students have achieved credit which does not amount to an award of the University.

Honorary Awards

The University may make Honorary awards in accordance with its policy on conferment of Honorary Degrees. Proposals may be submitted on the Honorary Graduand pro forma by staff and students and are considered by a joint Committee of Senate or Council, normally in September/October and June each year.

Recognition of Prior Learning and Import of Credit

The University process for the Recognition of Prior Learning allows students to apply for admission with advanced standing or make a claim for academic credit towards their chosen University award. Further information can be found in the Guide to the Recognition of Prior Learning.


An award of credit may be made to students who successfully complete one or more ‘free-standing’ modules, but do not qualify, or do not wish to be considered for a named award of the University. Students who have, or are, accumulating credit by completing free standing modules, must comply with the Regulations relating to the recognition of prior learning if they subsequently wish to be considered for an award.

The Regulations Governing Undergraduate Awards or Regulations Governing Postgraduate Taught Awards apply.