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Assessment Committee

An Assessment Committee is convened to consider marks achieved within modules and to assign unalterable marks for students who have taken those modules. External Examiners appointed to individual modules only are members of the relevant Assessment Committee and are invited to attend. If they are unable to attend, they may participate by video or telephone link and in any event their concurrence to marks assigned to individual students is required before those marks are reported to the Board of Examiners.

The Membership of an Assessment Committee comprises all those members of academic staff and those others who have been approved by the School Board as Internal Examiners for the modules to be considered by the Assessment Committee.

To be quorate, the Assessment Committee must be attended by the Chair and the module leader, or their nominee, of all modules under consideration.

Assessment Committees do not consider progression, award or cases of Extenuating Circumstances.

The Assessment Committee Terms of Reference and Membership are provided in the Guider for Board of Examiners.

Board of Examiners

A Board of Examiners is convened for each point of progression within a programme, or group of programmes, and/or for the consideration of awards of the University. The Dean or a nominee who has completed the appropriate training is the Chair.

The primary function of a Board of Examiners is to consider the marks achieved by individual students registered for one or more programmes of study and determine eligibility for progression or award.

The Board may not change any of the marks awarded to individual students (as confirmed by the Assessment Committee) and must have regard to the recommendations of the Extenuating Circumstances Sub-Committee.

The Membership of a Board of Examiners shall comprise all those members of academic staff and those others who, having been nominated by the Schools concerned have, on the recommendation of the appropriate School Board, been appointed by the Senate as Internal Examiners for the assessments in question, together with the programme leaders and/or personal academic tutors of the students under review and the External Examiner(s) for the programme of study.

To be quorate, the Board of Examiners must be attended by the Chair, the programme leader, or their nominee, of all the programmes under review, and the External Examiner(s). A representative from the Academic Quality and Enhancement must also be in attendance.

Please note that whilst there is the facility to appoint a nominee to attend in place of the module leader or programme leader, it is expected that this would be done only in exceptional cases where the module/programme leader was unable to attend. In addition, the nominee representing a programme would need to be a member of staff from the programme team who could speak authoritatively about the students on the programme in question. It is expected that a nominee representing a programme leader would not normally represent more than one programme.

Permission must be sought, via the Academic Quality and Enhancement Business Partner, for a Board to proceed without the External Examiner in attendance. Please inform the relevant Academic Quality and Enhancement Business Partner if an External Examiner will be attending a Board via Skype.

Detailed information relating to Boards of Examiners is provided on the Boards of Examiner Information page.