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Curriculum Framework

The undergraduate Curriculum Framework was approved by Senate in 2012-13 and is intended to be easy to manage and understand, and have academic regulations designed to be supportive of learning and achievement. The full document, together with additional guidance about curriculum design and development, is available on the Centre for Educational Development website, and will be provided at the Curriculum Design Workshop.

Curriculum Framework Themes

  • Making Knowledge Work
  • Inclusive Curriculum
  • Research Informed Curriculum
  • Student Engagement and Development


Supporting the curriculum themes are a further seven integrated curriculum principles:

  • Assessment for Learning
  • Education for Sustainable 
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL)
  • Real World and Experiential Learning
  • Enquiry-based learning
  • Transition to Learner Autonomy

Designing the Curriculum

The Undergraduate Curriculum Framework is programme-driven, more than module driven: all formal educational experiences within a programme should make a recognisable contribution to the development of programme learning outcomes.

Curriculum Characteristics

All curricula will include the following characteristics:

  • Programme learning outcomes which reflect the FHEQ , appropriate benchmarks for the subject/discipline/profession and University of Bradford graduate attributes .
  • Level/Stage learning outcomes.
  • A clear assessment and feedback strategy.
  • A minimum module size of 20 credits.
  • A collaborative learning experience at least once during each level/stage.
  • Space for students to pursue elective modules.
  • At least 20 credits of independent study at Level 6.
  • Experience of the workplace on at least one occasion.
  • Each programme is impact assessed for equality of provision and student attainment.
  • Each programme will reflect the Curriculum Framework principles.
  • Each programme will have a published Programme Team.
  • Each programme will have a published External Examiner.