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Managing Higher Education with Partners

The UK Quality Code Chapter B10 (external website) covers the provision of higher education with others and has the expectation:

Degree-awarding bodies take ultimate responsibility for academic standards and the quality of learning opportunities irrespective of where these are delivered or who provides them. Arrangements for delivering learning opportunities with organisations other than the degree-awarding body are implemented securely and managed effectively.

The University has, since the early 1990s, conducted successful partnerships with a variety of organisations and currently works with a wide range of partners, including UK further education colleges, employers and overseas HE institutes, both public and private.

The University offers a diverse portfolio of named awards; both at Bradford and in collaboration with one or more partner institutions. The range includes continuing professional development courses, foundation degrees, undergraduate degrees, postgraduate masters' and doctoral awards.

Partnership arrangements leading to awards fall into several categories: franchise; validation; joint awards and dual awards. These are further defined in the Partnership Typology.

The University has produced a guide for staff and partners in the management of partnership provision.  Please see the Guide to the Management of Higher Education with Partners for more info‌rmation.