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Academic Partnerships Sub-Committee

Terms of Reference

The Academic Partnerships Sub-Committee makes recommendations to the Learning and Teaching Committee on the following:

  1. Make recommendations in relation to the approval and termination of partnerships.
  2. Develop, review and enhance the processes by which the University assesses and manages the academic risks associated with partnership arrangements, and keep under review the Partnership Provision Risk Register. 
  3. Oversee and monitor the data-base of partner contracts and keep under review the format and content of contract templates.
  4. Oversee the Programme Coordinator role including the development and enhancement of the role and reporting arrangements.
  5. Develop and review University policy for student representation arrangements at partner institutions.
  6. Make recommendations in relation to alignment with the UK Quality Code and quality enhancement of partnership arrangements.
  7. Receive reports from Partnership Boards and Partnership Reviews and monitor the implementation of the associated action plans.
  8. Oversee and keep under review the Partnership Register. 
  9. Oversee a programme of training and support for staff involved in partnership arrangements.
  10. Oversee and keep under review the Guide to the Management of Partnership Provision.

The Academic Partnerships Sub-Committee will cover accredited provision only.