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Development and Approval of New Partnership Provision

This section applies to arrangements which involve franchise, validation, dual award, joint award and articulation agreements, as defined in the Partnership Typology.

Chapter B10 of the UK Quality Code (external website) Indicator 2 states:

Governance arrangements at appropriate levels are in place for all learning opportunities which are not directly provided by the degree-awarding body. Arrangements for learning to be delivered, or support to be provided, are developed, agreed and managed in accordance with the formally stated policies and procedures of the degree-awarding body.

The University adopts a risk-based approach to the approval and management of academic partnerships. Partnership approval is required for a new partner, and for the extension of an existing partnership to another School or a new academic area.  The decision whether or not to proceed with a proposed partnership is based upon strategic fit, an assessment of risk, potential benefits and financial viability.

Once a partnership proposal has received the approval of Academic Partnerships Sub Committee, or a proposal to develop a new programme with an existing partner has received academic approval at Phase 1, the course team may progress to the programme approval stage with the partner. Indicator 11 of Chapter B10 of the UK Quality Code states:

Degree-awarding bodies are responsible for the academic standards of all credit and qualifications granted in their name.  This responsibility is never delegated. Therefore degree-awarding bodies ensure that the standards of any of their awards involving learning opportunities delivered by others are equivalent to the standards set for other awards that they confer at the same level.  They are also consistent with UK national requirements.

The development of a new programme, or modification to approved modules or programmes, delivered in a partnership arrangement are required to follow the same procedures as 'home' programmes.  See the Academic Quality Handbook for more information.

Once the appropriate approvals are in place, the University will prepare a legally binding contractual agreement between the University and the partner(s) to cover the obligations of each partner, the quality assurance arrangements and the financial arrangements

Note that this agreement must be signed by both (or all) parties before any students are enrolled on a programme.