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Partnership Strategy

The Making Knowledge Work 2016 Corporate Strategy provides institutional focus for the University’s development of partnerships, with the aim of engaging in effective and outward-facing collaborative teaching, research and knowledge transfer activities.

The University has developed a Partnership Strategy‌ which seeks to ensure a coherent approach to developing, sustaining and reviewing academic partnerships which harness the University’s expertise, enhance its reputation and establish new routes to income and sustainability.

In the strategy, the University identifies three major categories of partnership:

i. Developmental: These have a focus on promoting effective educational practice across our communities to enhance learning, research and knowledge transfer opportunities in the partnership.

ii. Peers: Aimed at our academic offer through joint academic discourse in teaching, research and knowledge transfer.

iii. Interdependent: Recognising that the strategic aims of each party can only be realised by working in close partnership to design, develop, deliver and evaluate programmes of activity (such as those with the NHS).

The University seeks to build partnerships in each category with the capacity to achieve a ‘critical mass’ of activity conducive to a coordinated and cost-effective approach to quality assurance and enhancement.