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Overview of Programme Enhancement Planning

Programme monitoring and enhancement planning applies to all taught undergraduate (UGT) and postgraduate (PGT) programmes, provision delivered in partnership with others, and Postgraduate Research (PGR).

Monitoring and enhancement planning is intended to be an evidence based, iterative process which facilitates prompt, dynamic, and student-centred responses to programme analysis and evaluation. 

Annual Monitoring and Review

Programme Teams are provided with up-to date data, via the University’s Data Centre, about their programme and students so that the Annual Monitoring and Review process (AMR) can focus on analysis and evaluation and use this to introduce enhancements in a timely and student-responsive way.

Programme teams will review data for their programmes and produce an Annual Monitoring and Review Report. The appropriate Faculty Board will consider this report and the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching will then produce an annual Overview Report (Faculty Enhancement Plan). 

Faculty Enhancement Plan

The Faculty Enhancement Plans should identify enhancements required at Faculty-level and also provide feedback on the effectiveness of central learning support services. An Annual Faculty Enhancement Plan is produced and submitted to the relevant Faculty Board. This will also include individual AMR as an appendix. Each Faculty Enhancement Plan is then submitted for consideration by the University Learning and Teaching Committee and Senate.

University Learning and Teaching Enhancement Activities

Faculty Enhancement Plans are submitted to Academic Quality and Enhancement in accordance with the deadlines in the Academic Calendar. Academic Quality and Enhancement will produce an executive summary which identifies key institutional themes, enhancements, and features of good practice. The executive summary together with any proposals are reported to Learning and Teaching Committee and Senate.