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Aims and Principles

Periodic review aims to:

  • Ensure that programmes remain current and valid in light of developing knowledge in the discipline, and practice in its application.
  • Consider the continuing relevance of the programme for current and prospective students.
  • Consider the likely future demand for the programme(s).
  • Evaluate the extent to which the intended learning outcomes are being attained by students.
  • Evaluate the continuing effectiveness of the curriculum and of assessment in relation to the intended learning outcomes.
  • Ensure that recommendations for appropriate actions are followed up to remedy any identified shortcomings.
  • Approve any modifications and an updated Programme Specification.

Periodic review should:

  • Form part of a continuum of quality assurance and enhancement activity.
  • Be evidence-based, with a focus on using past experience as a basis for future development.
  • Promote student engagement in quality assurance and quality enhancement.
  • Take a broad view of learning opportunities and the currency of the curriculum.
  • Support embedded quality enhancement and encourage further improvement.
  • Propose any enhancements and modification found to be necessary so that they can be approved as an integral part of the process.