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The conduct of Periodic Review is coordinated by the Academic Quality and Partnerships Office. Information and guidance are available from Academic Quality Officers, and also from the School's Associate Dean(s), Learning and Teaching.

Periodic Review Workshop

A mandatory workshop will be convened by programme teams to support them in the design and development of a new programme, or the major modification or Periodic Review of an existing programme.

Workshops will be led by the Centre for Educational Development and must include:

  • Academic Quality Officer for the School;
  • Representative of Learner Support Services;
  • Director of Careers and Employability or nominee;
  • Student representative if students with a related interest are available (UK Quality Code Chapter B5 [external website]);
  • Representation from the partner institution for programmes that involve delivery with others (UK Quality Code Chapter B10 [external website]).

Programme Management Teams should consult students and other stakeholders and seek advice from external examiners and other experts on academic and/or practitioner aspects of any amendments that are proposed as part of the Review.