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Supporting documents

The following supporting documents must be provided; additional material may be offered if the Programme Team considers that it provides important and relevant supporting information.

Contextual information

  • Organisational chart(s) showing the management structure of the School and its constituent units.
  • Outline of programme/programme management arrangements.

Programme documents

For programme/module amendments, teams will be required to submit the following documents: 

  • Rationale for the change inclusive of all stakeholder views.
  • The Programme Specification, suitably updated and modified to incorporate the proposed amendment(s).
  • Where applicable, the Module Descriptors(s), suitably updated and modified to incorporate the proposed modification(s).
  • Where applicable, mapping of assessments to intended learning outcomes, suitably updated and modified to incorporate the proposed modification(s).

Supporting evidence

Trend data on student recruitment, retention and achievement over the previous 3 years.

The following for the previous three years:

  • Annual monitoring reports/Programme Enhancement Plans.
  • Minutes of the School committee considering the annual monitoring reports/Programme Enhancement Plans.
  • All external examiners’ reports, with School responses.
  • SSLC minutes (or equivalent).
  • Minutes/notes of Industrial and/or Professional Advisory Board meetings.
  • If relevant: PSRB documents, e.g. accreditation reports and confirmatory letters, feedback on previous three years’ annual monitoring.

These documents will be used by the panel as evidence of how effectively issues are dealt with. The panel will not explore specific topics from these documents unless they are deemed to have a major impact on quality or standards.