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Information to be provided in a proposal to suspend or withdraw a programme

A request to approve the withdrawal of a programme must include the following information:

  • the full title of the award, and

where relevant:

  • the UCAS code
  • confirmation that the suspension/withdrawal applies to both 3 and 4-year routes
  • alternative programmes which might be of interest to applicants
  • the date of the last intake, and in the case of suspension the expected date of the next intake
  • the expected graduation date of the last cohort
  • the reason the programme is to be suspended or withdrawn
  • the associated modules to be suspended/withdrawn, and the expected last date of delivery
  • evidence of consultation with students.

Where withdrawal of the programme does not affect a School’s ability to continue delivering the approved curriculum, no further documentation is required.

Where the approved curriculum can no longer be offered, Schools must set out the transitional arrangements necessary for continuing students. Curriculum modifications must be documented, and this will normally take the form of:

  • a programme specification
  • a rationale for the changes
  • new/revised module descriptors if these are developed as part of the interim arrangements
  • evidence of consultation with students.

Where the change of curriculum affects an individual student rather than the entire cohort, a revised pathway should be developed and discussed with the student, prior to submission for approval.

Detailed information is also required about the proposed arrangements for any students who are required to repeat modules or levels with attendance after the relevant modules/levels have been suspended/withdrawn.