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Programme Suspension and Withdrawal 


The University is responsible for the continued management of its portfolio of programmes, and for assuring the quality of learning opportunities for all students. A proposal or decision to, suspend or withdraw a programme has the potential to increase the risk to quality and standards. It is therefore vital that the University processes, which are designed to facilitate orderly suspension and/or withdrawal, and to protect the interests of students, are understood and followed.

Indicator 3 of Chapter B8 of the Quality Code (external website) states that:

Higher education providers operate a process to protect the academic interests of students when a programme is closed.


Suspension: a programme is temporarily withdrawn but is expected to be reinstated in the next academic year.

Withdrawal: the programme is permanently removed from the University’s portfolio.

In either case the information to be provided in a proposal to suspend or withdraw a programme must be addressed, and it must be clear which route is proposed.