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Programme Suspension and Withdrawal


The approval process for programme suspension or withdrawal is coordinated by Academic Quality and Enhancement . Information and guidance are available from Academic Quality Officers, Academic, Quality and Enhacement Business Partners and from Associate Deans, Learning and Teaching.


Schools will need to consider a range of matters in preparing a proposal to withdraw an award-bearing programme. These are set out in the information to be provided in a proposal to suspend or withdraw a programme.

Further information about the suspension or withdrawal of a programme delivered by a partner is available in the Guide to the Management of Higher Education with Partners. Any such proposal should be discussed at an early stage with the Academic Quality and Enhancement Business Partner, so that appropriate negotiations about teach-out and exit may be negotiated with the partner, having regard to the obligations set out in the contract.

Evidence of consultation with students must be provided.


All requests for the withdrawal of a programme must be approved by the School Board. Issues of policy or strategy should be identified and highlighted at this stage, especially those deemed to be of a political or sensitive nature.

Following School Board approval, the proposal must be submitted to Academic Quality and Enhancement.

If the proposed suspension or withdrawal relates to a programme delivered by a partner, the School should complete a Suspend/Withdraw a Programme and/or Terminate a Partnership‌ form for submission to the Academic Partnerships Sub Committee.

All programmes being considered for suspension or withdrawal will be considered by Learning and Teaching Committee and Senate.