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The following procedure should be followed in relation to PSRB visits:

  • The Faculty are required to notify the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching), via the appropriate Academic Quality and Enhancement Business Partner, of all forthcoming Accreditation events, as soon as they are known. If a Faculty is uncertain as to whether a visit by an external agency qualifies as an accreditation visit, please contact Academic Quality and Enhancement for advice.
  • The Preparations for PSRB Engagement form should be completed by the Faculty and sent to the relevant Academic Quality and Enhancement Business Partner. This sets out the timeline and the information required as part of the planning process.
  • The Faculty contact the Pro-Vice Chancellor’s office to make arrangements if they wish for some official ‘welcome’ speech on the first day of the accreditation visit, or for there to be some other form of involvement at which the support of the University for the Faculty can be demonstrated.
  • The Faculty submit to the Pro-Vice Chancellor, via the appropriate Academic Quality and Enhancement Business Partner, a copy of the accreditation submission document in sufficient time prior to the submission deadline to enable the Pro-Vice Chancellor to request amendments, if necessary.
  • The approved/finalised accreditation documentation must be sent to the relevant body through the Pro-Vice Chancellor’s office, under their signature, on behalf of the University.
  • A copy of the accreditation document will be retained in Academic Quality and Enhancement.