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Staff Student Liaison Committees

Each programme or group of programmes is required to hold a Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) at least once per semester to ensure Student Representatives are able to meet regularly with staff to discuss issues of relevance.

The main areas of responsibility for Staff Student Liaison Committees should be as follows:

  • Discussion and response to academic/programme related matters raised by students and staff. Non-academic issues should be recorded and reported to the relevant area of the University and/or UBU.
  • Reviewing the quality of the student experience within the programme/s through consideration of relevant areas – such as learning and teaching methods, assessment and feedback, support, resources, organisational issues and external examiner reports.
  • Considering any proposed changes to the existing programme.

Further details of SSLC membership, agenda and minutes are available in the Policy for Student Representation (available on the Academic Development Unit website).