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Conservation and Radiography

Bradford Conservation and Radiographic Services (BCRS).


Conservation Services

We provide a wide ranging and comprehensive conservation service for archaeological and historical objects, from mammoth bones to plastics.

Established for over 25 years the well-equipped conservation laboratories are managed by experienced staff of international reputation. We offer access to expertise and facilities for the provenancing, dating, analysis, materials testing and imaging of artefacts.


Records of treatments are provided in electronic form and reports for publication can be tailored to the contractor’s requirements.


We are involved in the development of cultural materials radiography and of innovative approaches to the investigation, recording and conservation of artefacts.

Services offered


  • Pre-excavation planning
  • Collections storage
  • Preventative conservation

On-site services:

  • Recovery of fragile artefacts in the field
  • On-call or embedded service for excavations
  • Collection condition surveys
  • Environmental monitoring
  • In-situ conservation of sculptures etc

Laboratory service:

  • Assessment of finds assemblages
  • Materials identification and analysis
  • Investigation of object condition/biodeterioration
  • Imaging - macrophotography, microscopy, SEM
  • Radiography of finds assemblages
  • Investigative conservation
  • Conservation for publication and display

Radiography Services

We are world leaders in the radiography of cultural materials, from the screening of archaeological finds assemblages to in-depth investigation of individual objects.

Our equipment includes two X-ray units and a dedicated industrial X-ray film scanner.  We produce high definition images of materials as diverse as paper, textile, skin products, skeletal remains, plastics, wood, ceramics, stone and metals.

  • Low and high energy radiography undertaken
  • Radiographs can be provided in film and digital form
  • A high quality, specialist radiographic film digitisation service is available


We provide training in many aspects of conservation, in particular we offer CPD courses in:

  • Film and digital radiography
  • Organic raw material identification
  • First Aid for finds on- and off-site

Contact us

Dr Sonia O'Connor
Tel: + 44 (0)1274 23 6498