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Digital data transforming business intelligence

Digital data transforming business intelligence

Incommunities Group worked with the University of Bradford to increase efficiency and effectiveness in a difficult climate of government cuts to social housing by creating a decision support system (DSS) that Incommunities could use to make better business decisions on customers and stock performance.Once the project was underway and data had been analysed, the project was widened to include data quality to address gaps in the data gathered.

Project Outcomes

The project developed a bespoke financial framework and established a Business Intelligence Team to implement the framework and integrate the DSS into the organisation. The
Business Intelligence Team were also given the remit of ensuring the right kind of data is collected.

Business Benefits

“The real benefit of the KTP is not only in the outputs; it is that the organisations eyes are opened to new possibilities. By taking time to reflect and consider how to take the  business forward, the KTP brought invaluable insight that resulted in transformational change.”
Dave Dickens, Director of Income and Customer Services, Incommunities

The project occurred at a particularly challenging time for Incommunities who were experiencing significant funding cuts and whose customers were faced with rising costs and reduced income. However, during the life of the KTP the company achieved a £5m increase in turnover and £150k savings in fencing and fuel supplies.

The creation of a financial framework aided the development of an organisational roadmap to 2025 and contributed to a detailed analysis of market position and organisational performance. Clarity over marketing positioning helped inform decisions such as acquiring or releasing assets and expanding the geographical area of operation.

The companywide sustainability framework influenced a change in culture that led to them achieving their highest regulatory outcome judgements. Incommunities next steps
are to expand the scope of the DSS to include energy efficiency and develop a training programme that will further embed the new sustainability strategy into its culture so staff can advise customers on energy efficiency and other money saving strategies.

The KTP Associate is now employed permanently in the company and a strong collaborative partnership between both organisations has been developed.

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