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Improving Customer Experience through E-Strategy

Improving Customer Experience through E-Strategy

Sovereign Health Care worked with the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics on this Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). The collaboration aimed to develop and embed an organisation wide e-strategy to process healthcare claims, manage healthcare policies and communicate with customers and employees electronically.

Project Outcomes

For Sovereign Health Care, the project created a better customer experience and more competitive new customer offering through development of e-systems, and generated staff efficiencies and improved internal communication as a result of the introduction of electronic claims processing and updated intranet.

The academics gained an improved business profile, knowledge and skills, enriched their teaching and created a new accredited module.

 Business Benefits

To get the best possible outcome from your KTP, involve as many stakeholders at the outset and collaborate with colleagues wherever possible to get maximum buy in.” Russ Piper, Chief Executive, Sovereign Health Care.

This collaboration has achieved a significant amount towards its original aim. An e-strategy was created following in-depth research around e-capabilities, customer needs, and competitor activity. Significant work has been done on staff development and system design and content for e-claims processing and an e-portal.

A change in regulatory rules prompted a review of the company’s IT systems and highlighted potential risks. This resulted in Sovereign Health Care having to re-visit the e-strategy part way through the project to align it to a new IT system. When the new e-claims processing system is implemented it will simplify the claims cycle for the company and the customer. The Associate remained with the company to migrate the work done into the new IT system.

Developing digital capability and anticipating consumer trends through this collaboration will impact positively on company performance for Sovereign Health Care’s next generation of customers. The use of digital platforms such as “direct response television”, the red button, smart phone applications and multimedia technology are significant areas the company intends to explore in the future.