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Engineering Technology for New Markets

Engineering Technology for New Markets

Norgren Ltd worked with the University of Bradford's Faculty of Engineering and Informatics on this Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). The collaboration aimed to provide an understanding of the detailed mechanical, fluid and material principles of Norgren's existing Current to Pressure (I/P) converter leading to the design of a new generation of products.

Project Outcomes

The project research and design to optimise existing products resulted in invention and patent application for a new technology and new products created a presence in existing markets, new market opportunities and a stronger capability in the energy sector. Further KTPs are planned with other parts of the Norgren Group.

Business Benefits

“The KTP has been an excellent partnership, allowing us to apply expert skills to solve real world problems. The structure and support
provided by the KTP programme was a model for future projects." Dave Thompson, Technical Manager, Norgren Leeds.

This collaboration has generated a significant number of benefits for Norgren. The existing I/P convertor function was simulated to study its normal operations allowing the effects of changes in geometry, temperature, current or material properties to be predicted.

A mathematical expression was created so the effect of a design change could be predicted with ease. Using the mathematical equation, a new counterbalanced beam was designed which removed problems and reduced the effects of vibration. A patent application was submitted for new beam invention.

This work has addressed the need for a more stable and low power current to pressure convertor, enabled the core technology to be applied to a specific new product, and opened up further opportunities to include this technology within new customer’s devices.