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Current KTP Projects


To transform specialist knowledge in Big Data, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and AI into an intelligent manufacturing dashboard, which models production, ingredient and supply chain components to produce consistent quality food products efficiently.

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BNL (UK) Ltd

To research and develop polymer rolling element bearings, targeting the competitive, challenging automotive steering and under bonnet sector. Investigating polymers to challenge traditional steel bearings.

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Natures Laboratory Limited

To use Green Technologies to refine propolis while maintaining high flavonoid levels. To develop propolis activity factor and utilise it to tailor product compositions using supramolecular approach.

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Advanced Diesel Engineering

To create a more innovative solution (using sustainable materials) to the industry current best practices on noise reduction (acoustic measurement) within a containerised solution.

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BorgWarner Limited

To apply a holistic optimising approach to the manufacturing processes of turbo systems and their related supply chains. To integrate advanced modelling and simulation techniques for complex systems with a sustainability approach.

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