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Jacob Gooch

BSc (Hons) Interactive Systems and Video Games - 4 year sandwich course Placement with Dubit Ltd, Leeds (July 2014-July 2015)

Jacob Gooch

Why did you apply to the University of Bradford and why did you choose your course? 

I was encouraged by Bradford’s high levels of graduate employment and the fact that all of the tutors on my course had come from industry backgrounds. I also liked the atmosphere around campus and the relaxed and friendly staff. What do you like and enjoy about the University and your course?

I like how accessible and down-to-earth the tutors are; it is always easy to get in touch with them if you have a problem. I also found the help of the Career Development Services and the Academic Skills Advice (ASA) very useful.

I also like the flexible nature of the course, I feel like my creative potential is being utilised whilst also completing assignments that the whole group is doing.  Each module offers an element of choice in what we do for coursework, allowing us some freedom to be creative with the task.

What tips would you give to prospective students? 

Try to utilise all of the universities services, they are there for you to use. If you have a problem with the course material, go to your Tutors’ office to discuss it with them.  If you have an academic problem outside of your course material, try the ASA or your Personal Tutor.   If you want career related advice, go to Career Development Services. The Counselling Service is great too if you are having personal problems.   I would also advise that students start looking for placements as soon as they start second year, don’t be intimidated.

What support have you received from Career Development Services / Placement Staff? 

Career Development Advisers have helped me write my CV, gave me interview help and a lot of paper resources for how to answer job interview questions. The placement staff initially helped me by bringing the placement I am currently on to my attention.  I then applied by myself with help from the placement and careers staff. Whilst on my placement, the placement staff has kept in touch and a Placement Supervisor has been assigned to me if I need any help from the University. 

What actions are you taking to improve your employability whilst at University?

I am building a portfolio of creative work with a mixture of my coursework assignments and various work I have done in my free time.  I have also read resources and talked to the Careers Service about improving my employability.

What advice would you give to your fellow students about finding placement and work experience opportunities?

Look everywhere and don’t be afraid to email companies asking if they have any placements planned, the earlier the better; I started looking and emailing people at the start of my second year and it definitely paid off.  Email companies asking if they are offering placements, include your CV too. The worst a company can do when you ask them is ignoring you so there is no real loss.  

Pay attention to emails from the placement staff too as they post a lot of opportunities there.  I would also say take every opportunity you can even if it isn’t exactly what you want to do, any experience is worth more than no experience and you can always turn them down if you get a better offer.

Tell us about your current placement. 

I started my year-long placement at Dubit Ltd., Leeds in July 2014.  I work as a Quality Assurance Engineer and Designer, testing the company’s games for issues and doing small pieces of design work for prospective or current games.