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Graduate attributes

One of our goals in Career and Employability Services (and the University as a whole) is to equip all our students with the attributes and capabilities to be confident and capable in their life beyond university.

Whether graduates choose further study, employment, entrepreneurship or any another avenue, these fundamental skills will help them to thrive and portray a positive, professional image.

Below are listed the graduate capabilities and attributes and their related employability skills- click through to find out more.

Employability and Professionalism

The Bradford Graduate is:

Aware of their own capabilities and able to manage themselves

Proficient at communicating with others through a range of media.

Effective at collaborating and respecting the opinions of others

Able to demonstrate appropriate professional values.

Able to identify their learning needs and take action to improve their performance

Enterprising and creative in their approach to study and work.

Digitally literate and able to manage information effectively

Able to demonstrate commercial awareness by relating their learning to a commercial or business perspective


Academic Development and Critical Thinking

The Bradford Graduate is:

Able to apply knowledge to solve complex real-world problems and show proficiency and creativity in decision making

An independent learner and a critical and creative thinker.

Skilled in research and enquiry.



The Bradford Graduate is:

Interculturally and internationally aware.

Aware of social and civic responsibilities.

Literate in sustainability

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